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Welcome to Luv2btan.com

Hi, I’m Kali. I initially started LUV2BTAN as my instagram account and the name was an ode to my spray tanning business, as well as my love for always being tan from growing up on the beach in California. But when my clients kept asking me about my outfits, where I shop, fashion, beauty, travel and so forth I thought it was time to start documenting it in a more
in-depth way, thus creating my LUV2BTAN blog.
Being a partial stay at home dog mommy (haha…but it’s true) that happens to have a unique business of spray tanning the lovely ladies around Santa Barbara, surly can create some very exciting days and situations…
Here you’ll be able to follow me on my little day to day adventures and hopefully find a touch of pretty inspirations. XOXO

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