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The Classic Signet Ring

I thought I’d share a little about my signet ring since I am always getting compliments on it as well as questions to where it came from.  I always loved my Opa’s signet ring since I was a little girl and it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s  that I started to covet this classic piece of jewelry. I basically knew I had to get when one of my very closest girlfriends would always come over wearing her’s,  she told me her family history and how these signet rings were either passed down to her or the one which was my favorite her parents gave to her on her 16th birthday!  I found this chic and traditional and to be right up my ally so I started my research.

I came across many online  jewelry websites, but was overwhelmed especially since I knew I was going to ask my husband if I could possibly have one for Christmas.  I didn’t dare want to leave it up to him to figure out all the important attributes in designing my very first signet ring.  Instead he suggested we go to our jeweler here in Santa Barbara, which is Bryant & Sons and ask them their expert opinions.  I am so happy we did because they told us they actually use Church & Company a New Jersey based Jewelry company that’s been manufacturing signet rings sine the 1920’s.  It was such fun getting to pick size, shape, font and metal… I went with classic 18kt yellow gold, round for the shape and a feminine scroll for the font and I must say it turned out perfect!  I’ve been wearing my signet for years & never take it off, it truly is one of my most prized possessions and plan to pass it down to one of my nieces one day.  Last, my best recommendation would be to do your research and pick a shape that you won’t get tired of.

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