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Sleeping Cool with The Buffy Breeze

This post is all about the Buffy Breeze comforter and how it changed both mine and my husbands life.  My husband runs hot, I however do not but, with our fur children climbing in and out of our bed I found myself suddenly feeling hot and suffocated.  I was on a mission to change our sleepless nights into a cool, calm and peaceful nights rest!  I started googling “What’s best to help hot sleeper’s” “Best comforter for hot sleeper’s” and bingo that was my ticket.  I discovered there are people out there that test EVERYTHING including different types of comforters! Hallelujah!  There were about 3 brands that sparked my interest but, BUFFY really stood out to me.  There marketing and product line is simple, fairly priced, environment friendly and          CRUELTY FREE!!!  I hit the purchase button on a cal/King Buffy Breeze comforter and it showed up on my doorstep 2 days later. I was so excited to get this amazingly soft comforter into my new Matteo duvet cover and get to sleep!

Wow! Is all I can say… From the first nights sleep both my husband and I were shocked how cool we stayed all night and how cozy we felt at the same time, no tossing and turning trying to find cool spots in our bed.  Buffy’s unique 100% Eucalyptus fiber   technology is what regulates the temperature to help keep you cool for a wonderful nights sleep (You can read more in depth about this on there website).  I should also mention there eucalyptus comes from renewable eucalyptus forests in Austria (not one tree is cut down) and the fluffy polyester fiber that’s inside all BUFFY products is made from 100% recycled BPA-free, PET plastic water bottles diverted from oceans & landfills!  All I can say is this company changed our lives and is one I will continue to support!  I’ll be trying there eucalyptus sheets next!


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Sunday Best In My Favorite Easter Dress

While out for a Sunday coffee I came across this most perfect babydoll dress, by Manoush at Jake and Jones one of my favorite boutiques here in Santa Barbara.  My pup, Harry dragged me in for obvious reasons “TREATS” and so I tried it on and what can I say, it was love at first sight.  It checked all the boxes (Babydoll, Short, Puffy sleeves and extra fluffy) for my perfect Easter outfit, as well as it would be fun for running around Waikiki come June.

Look who decided to make an appearance during my photo, Mr. Harry Poodle 🙂

Well, clearly I’ve had to pause my plans for this little dress, but today is Easter and I’ll be putting it on!

Outfit: Hat is custom by local artisan El Rancho Carpintero / Dress (runs true to size) is by Manoush Paris/ Slippers are vintage  

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Staying Cool, Calm And Collected With Two Of My Favorite Vegan Products

As I have been navigating through the change and uncertainty we are all facing, I’m in constant search for things that are calming and healthy. During a recent trip to Whole Foods (before the madness started) I came across a colorful product on the shelf in the health section called Natural Vitality CALM, a magnesium supplement. The words “Anti-Stress Drink Mix” caught my attention, so I decided to give it a try! LIFE CHANGER! It’s made me sleep better, and it even helps with muscle soreness from working out.

The second being my friend’s product, Karma Not Pharma. These 100% organic vegan CBD gummy bears seem to help calm my anxieties and have NO THC in them! “Every gummy bear is infused with 10mg of CBD and sprinkled with good Karma” and MADE IN THE USA. Try them out and let me know what you think 🙂

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Welcome to

Hi, I’m Kali. I initially started LUV2BTAN as my instagram account and the name was an ode to my spray tanning business, as well as my love for always being tan from growing up on the beach in California. But when my clients kept asking me about my outfits, where I shop, fashion, beauty, travel and so forth I thought it was time to start documenting it in a more
in-depth way, thus creating my LUV2BTAN blog.
Being a partial stay at home dog mommy (haha…but it’s true) that happens to have a unique business of spray tanning the lovely ladies around Santa Barbara, surly can create some very exciting days and situations…
Here you’ll be able to follow me on my little day to day adventures and hopefully find a touch of pretty inspirations. XOXO