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Summer Dress #3

To round out my last summer dress pick is a hand blocked, cotton, palm print dress made in India and I am in love. It’s an incredible story how I came upon this adorable dress/accessory shop all the way across the country in Virginia.

Back Story: I have a dear client and friend who lives in Florida (I’ve never met in person) but met over a telephone conversation we had where I was working and we basically became modern day pen pals… less writing more styling/talking fashion & personal shopping! I adore her and love finding her one of a kind pieces from the West Coast Since following each other on social media I stumbled across a picture of her in a beautiful, colorful, floral print dress that I had to know about! Thus the introduction of the amazing Courtney Kennedy shop in Middleburg Virginia.

Courtney’s shop is irresistibly filled with one of a kind treasures from dresses & tops to wicker totes & shoes! All of which are hand made, one of a kind and ethically sourced. Courtney believes in the slow fashion movement and quality of not only the pieces, but of the lives of its artisans making them, all of which I support and believe in. You can look and shop on instagram (@shopcourtneykennedy) I have to say I had a lot of fun DM’ing with Courtney and getting close up pictures of all the items I was interested in… she makes the whole experience seamless!

Dress: Shopcourtneykennedy, Sunglasses: Celine, Sandals: Havaianas

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Summer Dress Part One

Lately I’ve found myself gravitating toward light weight, bright fluffy dresses because they’re easy to wear, make me happy and breathe during the Summer months. Here are the few I will share in my three part blog series, starting with my Staud Mila Dress. I can’t resist a yellow dress!

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The Classic Signet Ring

I thought I’d share a little about my signet ring since I am always getting compliments on it as well as questions to where it came from.  I always loved my Opa’s signet ring since I was a little girl and it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s  that I started to covet this classic piece of jewelry. I basically knew I had to get when one of my very closest girlfriends would always come over wearing her’s,  she told me her family history and how these signet rings were either passed down to her or the one which was my favorite her parents gave to her on her 16th birthday!  I found this chic and traditional and to be right up my ally so I started my research.

I came across many online  jewelry websites, but was overwhelmed especially since I knew I was going to ask my husband if I could possibly have one for Christmas.  I didn’t dare want to leave it up to him to figure out all the important attributes in designing my very first signet ring.  Instead he suggested we go to our jeweler here in Santa Barbara, which is Bryant & Sons and ask them their expert opinions.  I am so happy we did because they told us they actually use Church & Company a New Jersey based Jewelry company that’s been manufacturing signet rings sine the 1920’s.  It was such fun getting to pick size, shape, font and metal… I went with classic 18kt yellow gold, round for the shape and a feminine scroll for the font and I must say it turned out perfect!  I’ve been wearing my signet for years & never take it off, it truly is one of my most prized possessions and plan to pass it down to one of my nieces one day.  Last, my best recommendation would be to do your research and pick a shape that you won’t get tired of.

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SPACE NK & Diptyque Candles

Diptyque candles have always been in my treasure trove & always seemed hard to come by unless you were in a city or a specialty boutique, but we’re so lucky to have them readily available to pick up at our beautiful Montecito SPACE NK APOTHECARY.   Since June gloom has finally come and it’s typically cold in the mornings I find myself burning the smaller sized candles throughout my home to keep a cozy vibe.  I love that Diptyque makes there candles in a variety of sizes especially the smaller size, which I prefer for travel, bathrooms and nightstands.  I also find these candles to be extremely fragrant and since I like to burn both Baies & Figuier at the same time I find the smaller size emits the perfect amount of scent without becoming too overpowering. It’s the little things ; )