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The Modern Day Matchbox Collection

Not too long ago, I found myself doing some much needed Spring cleaning when I came across our old candy jars filled with my husbands, Grandfathers matchbox collection. I found myself going through them one by one imagining “Pa” on his travels and what it must have been like in the “Golden Area” of life. I found it so inspiring, I don’t personally smoke but have always loved taking a box of matches when offered at certain restaurants, bars or hotels for a fun keepsake.

In turn, I was so excited to have come across this little collection of matchboxes I knew I had to do something with them… so I’ve decided to turn them into wall art! I even went as far as designing my very own custom matchbox! I mean why not? With a little online research I stumbled upon and decided to give them a try (they do everything)! My matchbox’s turned out absolutely perfect and I must say I love giving them away ; )