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The Modern Day Matchbox Collection

Not too long ago, I found myself doing some much needed Spring cleaning when I came across our old candy jars filled with my husbands, Grandfathers matchbox collection. I found myself going through them one by one imagining “Pa” on his travels and what it must have been like in the “Golden Area” of life. I found it so inspiring, I don’t personally smoke but have always loved taking a box of matches when offered at certain restaurants, bars or hotels for a fun keepsake.

In turn, I was so excited to have come across this little collection of matchboxes I knew I had to do something with them… so I’ve decided to turn them into wall art! I even went as far as designing my very own custom matchbox! I mean why not? With a little online research I stumbled upon and decided to give them a try (they do everything)! My matchbox’s turned out absolutely perfect and I must say I love giving them away ; )

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Carmel By The Sea & Monogramming

I’ve always loved to customize & monogram things throughout my life probably because I was an 80’s baby with the name Kali. That being said my name was never printed on ANYTHING! My mom would try and make me things with my name on them, but it was never the same (thanks mom for trying so hard, I’m sure my countless tantrums in Santa’s Toy Shop were your fave!) Haha. It wasn’t until I became a little older and discovered monogramming that all of the “left out feelings” of not having a common name went away because I could suddenly put my name on just about anything I wanted, hence the obsession with monogramming begun.

Fast forward to being in COVID quarantine and feeling like my husband and I needed a little get away… we hopped in the car with our pup “Harry” and headed North for a little R&R to Carmel by the Sea. We stayed at The Cypress Inn like always, ate at our favorite restaurants, walked the beach with Harry about 3 times a day, visited with friends and of course shopped where I stumbled upon the most charming French monogramming shop, Jan De Luz. This mostly french linen shop has just about anything and everything you can think of to monogram/embroider and the owner Brigitte is phenomenal. As distracted as I was trying to decide what to get Brigitte helped me decide on a french terrycloth X-LG bath mat and a set of linen cocktail napkins, with a custom monogram for each! They’re soooo GOOD!!! If and when you go to Carmel do yourself a favor and run to this adorable shop, you won’t be disappointed!

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SPACE NK & Diptyque Candles

Diptyque candles have always been in my treasure trove & always seemed hard to come by unless you were in a city or a specialty boutique, but we’re so lucky to have them readily available to pick up at our beautiful Montecito SPACE NK APOTHECARY.   Since June gloom has finally come and it’s typically cold in the mornings I find myself burning the smaller sized candles throughout my home to keep a cozy vibe.  I love that Diptyque makes there candles in a variety of sizes especially the smaller size, which I prefer for travel, bathrooms and nightstands.  I also find these candles to be extremely fragrant and since I like to burn both Baies & Figuier at the same time I find the smaller size emits the perfect amount of scent without becoming too overpowering. It’s the little things ; )