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My Borsalino Panama Hat Obsession

I swear I blinked and it’s summer in Santa Barbara!  So on this hot and sunny afternoon I decided to take my most prized panama hat by Borsalino for a spin to the dog park.  I usually only wear this hat on special occasions or on nice vacations, but since living in Santa Barbara is basically a vacation everyday I thought what the heck I need to wear this hat ALL days the sun’s shining!  I prefer panama hats over fedoras because the size is adequate for sun coverage and I think they’re the most flattering out of all hat shapes.  This Borsalino hat is called the “Sophie Panama”  and is from last year’s collection but they make it every year with different colored bands and straw detail.

I love to support local shops here in our area and always buy my Borsalino’s at Maison K in Montecito on Coast Village Road.  If you’re a hat lover this is the place to go.  I heard they’ll be getting their new 2020 Spring/Summer shipment of Borsalino soon, though you can’t go into the shop just yet (with social distancing regulations), you can DM them on there Instagram page @maisonkstyle to get details and pictures or visit Borsalino’s website… Happy Hat Hunting!

Hat Details: Borsalino “Sophie Panama” hand made in Italy, Ecuadorian Straw (sizes: S,M,L)